The 23rd Annual Seminar will seat accountants, policy makers, politicians, local leaders, thought leaders, economists and the general public in a 3 day conferencing seminar at Resort Beach Hotel - Entebbe from the 6th – 8th of September, 2018 under the theme, shaping the future.

IFRS shape the accountancy profession.

The IFRS week this year will take up 4 days starting on the Tuesday 7th to Friday, 10th August 2018 and will focus on Integrated Reporting, IFRS for SMEs, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, IFRS 9 Financial Instruments and IFRS 16 Leases.

How to survive when kidnapped in Kampala


The pearl of Africa has been plagued with a rise in kidnap cases in the past two months. In the month February alone, there have been six missing people reports, as compared to statistics from 2017 were a total of 24 cases were reported.

The nation woke to the tragic end to the kidnap of Susan Magara, 28 who had been missing for almost 3 weeks when her body was recovered in the Kigo area off the new Entebbe southern bypass. Her captors had demanded a ransom of one million dollars in exchange for her release. How the captors were able to hold her for three weeks while making numerous phone calls with clear undisguised voices that the security organs have the capability to intercept and trace is embarrassing. Sadly a young vibrant lady was gone.

Since the security forces can’t protect ordinary citizens, I have done some research so…

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Day 3 of the 4th WCO – AEO Conference (#AEO2018Kampala)

The last day of the 4th WCO – AEO Conference at Serena Kampala Hotel.


From yesterday’s informative sessions one would expect nothing less than perfect for the last day of the 4th WCO – AEO Conference at Serena Kampala Hotel.

The sessions kicked of with delibarations on Coordinated border Management (CBM) for better AEO benefits and higher compliance. Ms Carol West was the moderator of a gender inclusive panel that included Ms. Sue Hill (Regional Manager Africa – Department of Home Affairs – Australia), Ms. Virginia Medeiros (AEO Project Manager, Secretariat of Federal Revenue, Brazil Customs), Mr. John Wein (EC – Instituto Alianca Procomex), Mr Shao Weijian (First Secretary, Mission Of China to EU) and Mr Jovanny Feliz (AEO Director – Directorate General of Customs, Dominican Republic).

The session was followed by a certificate awarding ceremony were the East African Community Revenue Authorities handed AEO Certificates to some of the agents operating business with in the region. Notable agents included Bollore Logistic, Hariss International…

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Day One of the #AEO2018Kampala

Day 1 of the #AEO2018Kampala


What is #AEO2018Kampala

#AEO2018Kampala Is the largest World Customs Organisation (WCO) capacity building event, the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Global Conference boasts the largest number of workshops held during an event, covering a variety of topics related to the security and facilitation of the global trade supply chain. The WCO Conference happens every once in two years.

The 4th WCO conference is organized by the WCO in conjunction with Huawei Technologies and Uganda Revenue Authority – Uganda as host Customs administrators in the capital, Kampala! The conference provides a key platform for all players who have an interest in international trade.

An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is defined by the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards as a party involved in the international movement of goods, in whatever function, that has been approved by, or on behalf of, a national Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security…

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