Its not the pandemic, you have a drinking problem

COVID19 has become a household name, even Xion is getting familiar with the disease, at least she shouts it out loud, I’m not certain she knows what it means thou.

As the pandemic rages on to claim lives, jobs, incomes, and lifestyles, we seat back in our home to wait for a saviour from this routine of waking up, check socials, watch the same boring news, laughing out loud at how the two most-watched Tv stations play cartoon and baboon for late-night music show audiences, learn modern kitchen recipes, wait for the next episode of Keeping up with Joel as we continue with the new normal of working from home.

One of the pecks of working from home is setting your day’s pace, setting your log out time. A typical workday for many Ugandans working from home starts as early as 9 AM and clocks out as early as midday. (This data is based on social media activity and selfies shared by Kiwatule-Najjera peeps who try so hard to impress).

This makes perfect sense for most employers to demand a minimum of 5 hours of work a day (not easy to document I must say)…..but this is not why we are writing today, okay.

Back to the subject, it’s not the pandemic, you have a drinking problem…

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean throats should open at 11 AM. Its becoming of many of us, mostly the millennials and the little iGens, especially those that recently joined University (campus) or the workforce (including the Nekolela Jjanges aka Start-Uppers, SME CEOs), to open a beer or bottle of whiskey as early 10 AM.

A friend narrated to me how she went to buy breakfast only to return with a bottle of wine at 10 AM.

We have made this social lubricant a meal, a starter, the main course and dessert thanks to the various ways of ferrying it to our homes without moving a muscle courtesy of SafeBoda, Liquor House Uganda, Kyupa Guy, Xente, and more interesting door delivery offers from Uganda Breweries Limited and Nile Breweries Limited. (Btw, try the SafeBoda Shop today, awesome rates I tell you)

That incoming potty is not a result of healthy eating and more sleep or riches as many claims, it could be due to the fact that you down 15 beers through your day and or lack of physical exercise. 

I honestly lost the plot on this, but….don’t blame the pandemic, you have a drinking problem…but who cares? Make sure you pay your dues

Anyway, don’t mind me, I just ordered for my 6 pack for one 1 pack for the day, get it? (It is okay if you don’t)

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