Why the youth need to make time for the URA’s Tax Appreciation Month Expo this week

URA is back at it again, bigger and better this time around with the Tax Appreciation Month under the theme, every taxpayer counts.

The Commissioner-General, Doris Akol highlighted the need to focus on SMEs in this year’s edition in motion with the theme. She noted that SMEs contribute 25% to the Gross Domestic Product and boost economic growth. Uganda is considered to be the most entrepreneur country today with over 376,657 SMEs registered in the 2018/19 Financial Year. These contributed to UGX 9,747,788,579,143 in Domestic Taxes.

It’s safe to note that some of these businesses are youth-led, and have the same challenges across all sections of the economy with Capital listed as the main deterrent to business growth. The Bomba Ya Business is designed for everyone in business, especially the youth they aim to expand their horizons in the business circles.

It’s on this basis that URA came up with the Bomba Ya Business Summit as the main activity of the TaxPayers Appreciation Month this week. The Summit will gather Business Leaders, Professional Consultants, and Tax & Audit Consultants that will give free financial advice to the Business Community.

TPAM will have many engaging activities for participants this year with a bigger medical come to offer free vaccination for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B, Optical examination and treatment, HIV testing, Pro Bono Legal & Accountancy services more. Every youth deserves a free service every now and then!

There will be express issuing of Driving Permits by Face Technology, Registration for National IDs & Passports at both NIRA and Ministry of Internal Affairs Tent, Registration of Businesses by KCCA, URA and URSB. Meaning you could walk into Kololo Airstrip and leave with a registered business, a win for any youth making time for the 3-day event starting this Wednesday.

The Goodies Galore: Last year, a lucky Abed Pere drove out of Kololo with a Bajaj Cute car on the Last Day of the TaxPayers Appreciation Week and numerous others getting goodies from Mukwano, Crown Beverages and other. Like I said earlier on, TPAM19 is only bigger and better. Kinyara, Crown Beverages, Coca Cola, Blue Wave, Nish Autos, Britannia Industries, and others will be gifting Ugandans with goodies. From foodstuff, groceries, cash prizes and more. Make sure you memories you Tax Identification Number, TIN, to win these goodies.

#TPAM19‘s icing on the cake will be the an awards & recognition invites only gala dinner on Friday. This dinner will shine a light on Individuals, Companies, and Organizations both in Public & Private sector for their service to tax collection during the 2018/19 Financial Year.

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