Under The Influence – Block!

It’s been a minute, part of me was starting to believe this chapter was closing but hey, I got to live, or leave!

As the sun sets into another Night, and the risen Christ shares His timeless stories from the tombs, I sit here vibing to Music Matters 2018 year mix and half a beer in my hands to (for lack of better words) reflect on life since the last time I shared on here!

Is it always Sex? SEX!!!

So, is there more to life? (Life being a mating ritual). What more can a millennial do to feel part of this huge unknown cycle that is; eat, wake, try, sleep, repeat!

Are we really lucky? Are we lucky to have a what we have today? I always give a soul piercing look at life and wonder if it could be “different”. I personally have some dark-er shades, I remember how a one psychologist (now a Dean at MUK) told my parents that I was depressed (Whatever that meant!), a drug addict and more, yet all I was battling was a personality and career identity crisis! He made it worse by saying I was too depressed that I thought about taking my life!

Allow me to shade more light on this. I’m not a substance abuser (drugs, weeds, alcohol, etc). I have never taken pleasure in getting high on a thing! (Leave music and poetry out of this talk). I love a good time, I love positive vibes, I love to celebrate anything life brings. I actually don’t know how to be sad. I’m the kind that prefers to smile at a funeral and celebrate the deceased’s life as opposed to crying my lungs out. Well, this could a customary thing, we the bakiga find more reason to celebrate life when someone passes instead to drowning in a pool of tears and screams. Was I bought up this way tho?

Back to the question, is there more to this mating ritual that is life? Yes, life is indeed a mating ritual. We do all we do for a perfect mate, to pro-create and keep the human race going. Well, the adult me had to adapt to the world’s sexuality and I fully understand that it’s not always procreation at the pyramid of things but sex! Yes, SEX!

Yeap, that SEX!

The breakdown; When we go to school, our parent go through the details of putting us in the best places (within their means) so we can attain better qualifications and better jobs in the future, these better jobs are meant to attract us to better mates, companions, SEX! We then try to hold the good SEX and end up fulfilling that statutory obligation of registering who we do the sex with as passed on by the colonisers (with the backing of the Bible) and other societal beliefs. Please don’t get me wrong, I love communion. I believe marriage is the 3rd fulfillment a human has to go through, and I foresee myself in that penguin tuxedo reciting a poem to this girl I’m heads over heels with!

So, is there more to life? Besides SEX! What happens next? Beyond procreation for heterosexual relationships! What next?? You got that dream job (regardless of the office politics you play on a daily), you love your job, it provides for your house, your family and then what next?? You seek God for guidance, you come straight on your 10% to Vatican/Buckingham/That Pastor’s Quarter’s but still not certain about what next!

Well, you’re not alone like MJ put it! I’m in the same confused basket with you and I pray we all get answers while we don’t ware our flocks out second guessing if we’re okay, Are OKAY!!

Anywho, as you enjoy your Easter holiday (you’re probably drunk right now to read, care) remember you’re not the only lost sheep. The risen Christ will some how guide us home. Allow me to dream of Zion’s smiles and pray for her futuristic tomorrow.

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