Guess who is back, The #KiryaLive2018

Fame, Fashion, Lights, and Food in dancing cups….The icon that is Maurice Kirya continues to live up the hype. His acoustics are theme songs to the many in Kampala. Guy created his own music genre “Moyo” and walked away from the shells of popular culture’s RnB, soul and groove.

Why the buzz now? The cool dude has something new to offer…not dancing plates or cups but a buffet of awesome music in his iconic suit of performances. The “Busabala” singer is back with the Maurice Kirya Live, the musical experience that will move us from “Mulembe gwa Kirya” to the up lifting voices in “Nze Ani

Maurice Kirya doing what he does best! – (Photo by Tweny Benjamin)

Maurice has mastered the art of being a generational icon. Till this day, his vocals in “Binadamu” featuring AY to “Misubbaawa”. The guitars that force my lady to dance like she is nobody’s soul, with lines whispered to pounce love in echoes unknown to mortals like myself. How does he keep doing his best to perfection? The Kirya Live is back!

The Moyo singer has much more than himself to light up the skies on 2nd November at the Kampala Serena Hotel, he will be joined by the like of JC Muyonjo and more.

Tickets are already on sale, with early bird specials going for UGX 70,000 (Will be 100,000/ at the entrance) and tables of 10 go for UGX 3M. Book that table (email, get the ticket on and be part of the most intriguing musical event in Uganda! THE KIRYA LIVE experience. A night of the free! #KiryaLive2018 #NightOfTheFree

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