How to survive when kidnapped in Kampala


The pearl of Africa has been plagued with a rise in kidnap cases in the past two months. In the month February alone, there have been six missing people reports, as compared to statistics from 2017 were a total of 24 cases were reported.

The nation woke to the tragic end to the kidnap of Susan Magara, 28 who had been missing for almost 3 weeks when her body was recovered in the Kigo area off the new Entebbe southern bypass. Her captors had demanded a ransom of one million dollars in exchange for her release. How the captors were able to hold her for three weeks while making numerous phone calls with clear undisguised voices that the security organs have the capability to intercept and trace is embarrassing. Sadly a young vibrant lady was gone.

Since the security forces can’t protect ordinary citizens, I have done some research so…

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