The Accountant’s Journey Featuring CPA Mark Omona – #ICPAUat25

Just like things change on a daily basis, processes get advanced, and other things get easier! It’s not any different with the Accountancy profession, although interestingly wide.

CPA Mark Omona, the Technical Manager at the Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Uganda (ICPAU), a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) talked to me about the future of accountancy and the greatest milestones the Institute has achieved over the last 25 years;

Interviewer; How did you come to join Accountancy?

CPA Omona;    I heard about ICPAU when I was in high school. Back then, a team from the institute came and visited my school as part of the Career Development Guidance program and that’s how I gained interest.  I remember them saying it was very marketable and that it was for professionals. It sounded exciting.

Fast forward, at some point while at University, I took a walk to Multitech Business School and asked about accounting courses and they again told me about CPA, they helped me register and I started my CPA course while I was in my second year at University.

Interviewer: When you look at the exams then and now, is there any difference?  Is it easier to pass the CPA Course today?

CPA Omona; It was harder back then than it is today. Now students have access to numerous materials which should basically make it easier to pass the course now. In terms of content and quality of exams, the course is still very good.

Interviewer: Where do you see the CPA profession tomorrow?

CPA Omona;    The CPA profession is growing and evolving. The whole of Accountancy industry is evolving. An accountant is no longer a number cruncher, If one came into the profession thinking they will sit behind a desk and punch the calculator, they are wrong. The accountant of the future is one who can really think, because machines can now do almost everything. The only thing they cannot do is but explain to the client, the meaning of the results or the numbers. This is the value that a CPA brings to the table.

Interviewer: Every time that I think about #ICPAUAt25, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘over 2000 member’. What are you doing as ICPAU to double or triple this figure in the next 25 years?

CPA Omona; I think a lot has been done, but like you see we are now trying to make things electronic. In the future there will be lots of resources online for students. Our, behind the idea is to make the profession available, and accessible to as many people as possible.

“We serve the public interests and that’s a very huge responsibility,” – CPA Omona

CPA Omona also argues that the Accountancy profession is not as hard as people perceive it to be. However, the profession is not for everyone, because it requires dedication, responsibility, analysis, and the passion to learn.

CPA Mark Omona at ICPAU’s 5th Economic Forum

Having worked with ICPAU for over 10 years, CPA Mark Omona is glad that as the Institute celebrates her Silver jubilee, it has registered a good growth in the number of members, grown the reputation of professional accountants, and uplifted an ethical code of conduct and values which have been respected by members among other achievements.


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