The #YAAwardsUg17

The Story:
Everyone has a story to tell. This is a story of how a young man managed to see past his trials and start an organization that preaches youth livelihood with a much emphasis on HIV and Sexuality Education, Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU)…..Today is not that day for that story, let’s talk #YAAwardsUg17

The Emotional Side-Story 

My single biggest emotional moment was when,  Humphrey’s (The Reach A Hand Uganda & Young Archivers Award Organizer) mother got on stage to highlight why her son is the man he is today while awarding Prof. Peter Mugyenyi with a special award for; the Heroes award. Personally I think her story awards Humphrey for being a young hero in her face; in her house hold.

She told a story of a kid who saw his parent’s misfortune as a challenge to create awareness and combat the HIV/AIDs epidemic. Today RAHU is seen as a thought leader on issues pertaining youth livelihood and HIV/AIDs.

The Awards:

I have been to events but this, the #YAAwardsUg17 was exceptional! It was wowing. From the red carpet, the cocktails, the light and the audience! The event was so youthful, energetic, emotional and entertaining. The anthem performances followed by Allan Tonix vibrations, a twist of African percussions meet the bass and drums, WOW!!!

The event MCs where quite a package too, Ron Mc Vex and Kemiyondo Couthino dressed to the occasion with the right selection of word, the in Audience MC who is still anonymous to us, Brilliant! The event was well scripted I must admit.

The Winners

Everyone that made it to this award night gala was a winner, but some runaway with accolades by outshining their colleagues.

The First winner of the night was Gerald Otim, COO and Cofunder of Ensibuko, he bugged the Award for Innovations and ICT

Zillah Mary Arach won the Farming and Agro Processing category from her works Lacel technologies.

The business category award went to Ricky Papa Thompson of the Safe Boda App, a former security guard at Akamwesa Hostel who dreamt big! Congs Papa

The ED, Action for fundamental change and development won the socio-entrepreneurship award. Congrats Muhammed Kasirisa

Milege Music Band won the creative arts music category beating my favorites, the Ghetto Triplets Crew.

Media and Journalism award went to Ronald Wandera of!

ABryanz took home the Creative Arts – Fashion award.

Sport Personality award went to Jacob Kiplimo who is away representing the country at the IAAF Championships in London.

Meaning of the Awards:

These awards recognize and reward the believers and dreamers amidst the youth. “I see the awards as a stepping ground for the youth to be innovative in their communities” – Humphrey.

Some of the previous recipients have gone on to be leaders, innovators and inventers.

The award gala falling on the same day as the international youth day is not a coincidence but a sign of what the youth are capable of if they put their energies, skills sets and thoughts to better their lives even with the limited resources.

To all the winners and nominees, Keep your heads up and keep daring to fly!

To all those that turned up to witness this milestone, Thank you!

A token of appreciation to all partners and organizers that had a hand/two in this.


Still,Eric Zachary Mugisha


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