The Accountants’ Journey – CPA Ronald Mutumba.

The accountancy profession in Uganda has continuously grown with many people interested in pursuing the career to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) under the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).

ICPAU Celebrates 25 years of Promoting Professionalism in Accountancy, the main celebrations are on 8th September, 2017 at Imperial Resort Beach, Entebbe! 

I caught up with CPA Ronald Mutumba, a seasoned accountant, event’s liaison officer at ICPAU and lecturer at MAT- Uganda, he shared his accountancy journey, passion, exuberance, and the struggle he went through right from registering as a CPA student to the man he is today.

CPA Ronald Mutumba at the 5th Economic Forum

CPA Ronald Mutumba is a Certified Public Accountant and member of the Institute of Certified  Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) with an MBA (Finance).

For a person who joined ICPAU in 1997, CPA Mutumba stresses that the institute has managed to get where it is today because of the efforts and passion of the founding members. “It was a small family,” recalls Mutumba, “passion and commitment of the elders of the profession who put in a lot of effort to make sure that the statutes was put into action,” Mutumba added.

Boasting of over 2800 members (as of today), Mutumba was one of the first people to register for CPA and he recalls his registration number was 28. “I always wanted to do accountancy but my first efforts were strained when I tried registering for ACCA after my Diploma in Business Studies in 1995 but it was costly, in pounds, to the extent that it was even more than my annual salary then,” Mutumba confesses.

ICPAU unities and builds solidarity with all its members and students


He still didn’t have the money but he never gave up on the dream. “In 1997, a great opportunity presented itself, a friend of mine saw an advert about ICPAU in the papers and advised me to apply; by then, their offices were at Embassy House so I took a stroll to Embassy House to make inquiries.” CPA Mutumba recalls

“Here, I found CPA Pius K. Bahemuka (RIP) who was the Executive Secretary (CEO), he gave me the details I needed,” Mutumba said, “I asked for advance from a partner with whom we had a company and then I was registered,” he added.

The Late CPA Pius Bahemuka, Founding CEO of ICPAU

Over years, CPA Ronald Mutumba has held various positions with different Telecommunication Companies in different roles such as business support, accounting, roaming and interconnect, Carrier Relations, Revenue Recognition and Reporting, and Revenue Assurance, among others.

CPA Mutumba believes that ICPAU plays an important role besides its core of regulating and building capacity in the accountancy industry; ICPAU provides unity and solidarity to all its members.

Only a registered member of ICPAU qualifies to be identified as an accountant according to the Uganda Accountants Act of 2013 and carries the title, CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Join ICPAU as they celebrate 25 years of Promoting Professionalism in Accountancy.

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Twitter: @ICPAU1




Also: ICPAU releases June Exams 


Compiled: Shawn Davis Kawalya & Eric Zachary Mugisha



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