ICPAU Releases the June 2017 Examinations Results

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants has today released the June 2017 Examinations results for CPA, ATD and the new course CTA (Citified Tax Advisor) at Imperial Royale Hotel here in Kampala.


The results where announced by CPA  Prof Simone  Wanyama on behalf of the  Public Accountants Examinations Board (PAEB) of the Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Uganda.

CPA Prof. Simone Wanyama at the Presser

Here are some of the key details from the Presser in regards to the exams that where held between 29th May – 5th June 2017.

PAEB examines three courses examined by ICPAU;

  1. ATD – Accounting Technicians Diploma
  2. CTA – Certified Tax Advisor Exams
  3. CPA – Certified Public Accountants Exams

Accounting Technicians Diploma

286 Candidates sat for the ATD exams with an average pass rate of 44.3% pass rate. The best done subject was Business Communication which had 79.6% of its 54 candidates passing the exam while  Principles of Auditing had the poorest performance with only  17.0% of the 53 candidates passing the exam.

Females out performed their male counterparts as the topped 8 out of the 14 subjects of the course. Cumulatively, ATD has registered 1,670 students that have enrolled and finished the course since its inception as of today.

Certified Tax Advisor Exams

ICPAU President CPA Dr Protazio Begumisa displaying the CTA exams report at the presser

This being the second time candidates are sitting for the new course since it was introduced to the professional’s market in 2016, PAEB registered an increment in the number of students that sat for the exams in November 2016 from 48 to 86 with Three candidates graduating to become Certified Tax Advisors. The pass rate for CTA exams was 42.2% with Tax Practice being the recording a pass rate of 75% while the Principles of Accounting had none of the two candidates that sat for the exams passing.

ONLY 2 candidates sat for the Principles of Accounting Exams. They both  failed to get pass mark 

Certified Public Accountants Exams

5,498 candidates sat for the exams with an average pass rate of 35%. The best done subject was Economic Environment where 139 out of the 158 students that sat for the exam passed (88%) compared to Advanced Financial Reporting that had 127 out of the 973 students pass the exam.

107 candidates have fully completed the course to become CPA Associates who have a chance to become fully Certified Public Accountants if they follow the ICPAU Code of Ethics to the core and present a great resource to the financial development of Uganda. CPA has registered 2,918 students that have enrolled and completed the course as of today.

ICPAU also announced that they have published books (Study Materials) for the CPA course and these books are available at the institute offices. The books are not free but one can get a copy of these book which are being sold at a flat rate of 50,000/ (Fifty thousand shilling). The books are meant to guide students on how to prepare for the CPA exams and will always be update to accommodate the changing global and regional economic and accountancy trends. The CEO said it will be compulsory for a candidate to have a copy for every subject when registering for exams.

ICPAU has published CPA Study material for the very first time, students can access these books at the Institute at a flat rate of 50,000. One has to log into their CPA account on http://www.icpau.co.ug to pay for the books since ICPAU uses an online payment system

ICPAU’s CEO CPA Derrick Nkajja addressing journalists

For more details about CPA Exams, Rates and Events, log onto http://www.icpau.co.ug


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