#ACOAUG2017 through my eyes 


So as a blogger, i was privileged to attend the ACOA one week conference that took place in the Speke Resort Munyonyo. It is true that in life we are paid in 2 coins, monetarily and in experience. I would be telling lies if I didn’t tell you how overwhelming the experience was. The hotel was flooded with an assortment of individuals from allover the world, sumptuous three course meals on standby, many presenters to entertain delegates (ndeere Troupe, Sheeba, chameleon, etc), various dinners & cocktails but my highlight was the guest speakers, my favorite being Hon Miria Matembe and Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba.

Hon Miria Matembe spoke passionately about empowering women for economic growth in Africa by freeing her from the chains of religious misinterpretation, ignorance, poverty, traditional customs, inadequate and discrimination laws. She said we need to strengthen women Agencies & voices, grass root mobilization of women and continuous…

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