#IWD2017: UYAHF at Mita College, Kawempe

To the globe, 8th of March was a day to celebrate Women, #IWD2017 (International Women’s Day 2017), to the students of Mita College School, Kawempe; it was a day to focus on the girl child and build her esteem through proper sexuality & menstrual  education, general health, gender equality and equity through UYAHF‘s school out reach program.

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UYAHF preached about gender equality, gender based violence, the relevance of sexuality education in secondary schools today, menstrual health, adolescence & puberty, general health.  The message was well received by both the school administration and the student body.

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UYAHF educated boys, the men of tomorrow, on menstrual health as a way of dealing with the misconceptions men have created about menstruation and in a move to drive away gender stereotypes.

We had plenary sessions where the boys where educated about gender equality and adolescence by UYAHF’s team leader Patrick  Mwesigye  while the girls, the celebrants of the day where engaged by Ann Kukundakwe on gender based violence and menstrual education as the core subject.


Ann was very vibrant in her engagement with the Mita College girls. From empowering and encouraging girls to stay in school, to teaching them about menstrual health and general health. She taught the girls on how to use the different sanitary methods when and during that time of the month i.e Pads, Tampons, Reusable pads and emergency alternatives.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-10 at 21.26.37 (1)
The Sanitation and Health prefect of Mita College demonstrating to her fellows on how to use sanitary pads

The boys got civilized on the importance of gender equality and how our nation benefits from a man that respects and represents women’s rights!

Adolescence and its evils dominated the talk too. The UYAHF leader Patrick advised boys to not be driven by peers into  early sex, drugs and other youthful vices. He told them to look out for today’s girl child, keep her in school, fight for her rights and encourage others to accord her the respect she deserves.

UYAHF keeps engaging the youth through its many programs on matters of gender equality and equity, sexuality education, youth rights and general health.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-10 at 21.27.05

Allan, a Senior One student with a display card asking for menstrual  education to be included into the school syllabus 

Follow UYAHF on twitter @uyahf1 and on Facebook UYAHF, for more details and support, log onto their website www.uyahfi.com



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