Social Media Channels For Photographers.


Social media has made the way we communicate with each other very easy. I will say, it’s one of the best inventions ever made because I’m an addict. We did not have the same number of social media channels we had 10 years ago today. Like TV Series, they’re just so many and we often have difficulty keeping up. One thing that makes social media more than what it is, is that it’s a great optimum marketing platform for brands (for both personal and business use.) And that’s why we love social media!

Photography in Uganda is fast becoming one of the most celebrated arts. To say that I’m impressed with the growth of photographers in Uganda would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that we’re going that direction because there’s so much talent out there. Lots of amazing stories can be told through a camera lens, what better way to do so than to use social media??  Commemorated pictures become apart of us and when we share them with the world, they even become more memorable. Many photographers (and photography enthusiasts) are already posting their best work on social media and this is good…really its just good! Putting up your work online, especially for freelancers connects you to a community of friends and strangers who get to see your work. Not to mention, there are multitudes of people online and the internet never forgets. Use it to your advantage.

Many opportunities present themselves online for photographers to have their work seen, shared, and stored- for almost eternity. It is very easy to get online and choose the right platform to display your genius work. I am going to list down a 5 channels that I believe can make Ugandan photography known far and beyond. I believe in talented photographers here and my only prayer is that they get discovered-FAST!

Facebook: Firstly, before you say “this is obvious! Hit us with something else…”  know this, so many people and businesses do not know how to use Facebook to advertise or promote their brands. As the most used social media site on the internet, this platform increases the growth of your following. Most photographers share pictures on personal pages, which is just fine but by creating your own fan page, you have a better chance on this platform to brand yourself because fan pages get you unlimited followers.

Instagram:  There are over 500 million Instagram users. Those aren’t just random numbers, those number represent your next audience. I love this site because it is so colorful and vibrant and with the latest additions like Instagram stories, you can use it to tease your followers with some “eye candy” and then redirect them to a personal website or other social media channels.

Pinterest: How could I not talk about this one? Described as “the only social media site with the longest self-life of photography,” Pinterest has proven this. I can’t think of a day that goes by when I haven’t checked out pins. It is an online gallery of absolutely stunning photography. Pinterest encourages you to take your photography to the next level. It’s the perfect site to grow your audience and connect with them, so post your most astounding pictures on it and get people pinning.

Trover: I stumbled upon this beautiful site about a week ago and I just knew instantly that this is best for travel photographers. With Trover, travelers get to upload pictures on the go. The app enables you to tag your location and this makes it easier for other people to find the location of the scenery you captured on camera. This app also allows you to categorize your photos so when you have anything related to culture, or food or nature, your audience can easily pick what suits them.Uganda has so much beauty to show off to the rest of the world. I implore all travel photographers to check out Trover and share Uganda’s beauty with the world


YouPic: I tend to believe that this social media channel was particularly designed for novice photographers looking for inspirations. But I could be wrong. What I loved most about YouPic is that it gives the user so much more than uploading pictures and videos. It is a learning site for photographers with courses they can enroll in – although at a fee when you subscribe to it. There are themed photography competitions that helps one better their art. Photo-bloggers get to enjoy this app because it has a blogging platform embedded in it which adds more to the story-telling. It also has stats which I feel is an important addition because it puts one on edge to do better when graphs are low. It is an interactive forum  with a bunch of professional photographers. You’ll be inspired!

Lastly, with only 10 million downloads, VSCO ( Visual Supply Co.) is most probably Instagram’s next competition. It has similar features but the developers wanted to make their user’s photos appear more real (this is most definitely the next step for photo-technology) than just good, unlike Instagram. Navigating this app mobile app was a bit of a challenge for me since I was trying it out for the first time, but one can easily get the hang of it with time. I suggested this because there is really no harm in discovering and trying out new apps. It just could be the next biggest thing.


****If this post has been of help to you, let us know in the comment box. Any additions, opinions or subtractions are very welcome.



– C.E






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