Are we ready for Podcasts? 

​I listen to a podcast at least once a week, we have a few podcasts running in Uganda right now, .i.e Conversations with Kylie, The Stooges, Random Chaps (which died, used to be my personal best) !

I can’t really define the consumption of podcasts in Uganda right but I want to pause a question to Digital Marketers in Uganda and East Africa as a market of interest, Do you think we are ready to take digital marketing to the podcasts?

In America, US particularly, consumption of podcasts rose by 20% in 2016 mainly on the Podcast app for iPhone and many for Android including Overcast, Downcast, PocketCasts, Soundcloud, Shazam and my personal best, PowerFm which allows you to download shows and listen later even when in places with low or no internet access! 

Are you taking business to online radios and podcast soon? Share your thoughts with me on here, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2017. 

“Under The Influence of critical thinking”! 


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