Yo-Ghurt to Enjoy this Milk Man.

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Milkman yoghurt is the newest brand of yoghurt which has come to the Uganda market having recently launched their on the 24th November. A product of the ‘Vital Tomosi’s Dairy in Kiruhura District the yoghurt has burst onto the local Uganda scene with a bang. The plant has been up and running for about 4 years, and the yoghurt is one of its newest products on the market.

The yoghurt comes in a variety of tasty flavours like strawberry, vanilla and mango, packed with nutrients as the milk used to make this yoghurt comes straight from local farmers in Kiruhura. I highly recommend their Strawberry flavour, it goes down smoothly.

The launch was jam packed with people eager to taste the thick yogurt and they weren’t disappointed. Among the evening’s highlights, was the amazing cocktails – a mixture of Rum, Gin and plain MilkMan yoghurt to lighten the mood up…

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