Lapwony; An African Odysseus


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Lapwony; An African Odysseus

An Odyssey is a reference to an epic journey. The African Odysseus has had one so I couldn’t resist stealing the title of ‘Opiyo Oloya’s’ article about Geoffrey Oryema because in a way, alot of his story qualifies the reference. Like Oddysseus, his life has a poetic resonance whichever way you choose to view him. Both left home not because they willed it so, both took an extended period to return, both faced adversity, both are an interesting study.

Opiyo does graceful justice in describing Geoffrey the enigma of musical art. He speaks of his drive to explore ‘the drive between roots and music. Please read that(see link below). I however discovered a story that resonates with Uganda. One that blew my mind. One that I would like to hear from the Man himself someday.

Geoffrey Oryema is the son of Erinayo Wilson Oryema Uganda’s first African Inspector General of…

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