Best Practices for social media at events.

Last week I wrote a brief article on why you need social media at your events in line with the inbound methodology . I have been to a couple of events in that past few days but Tusker Malt Lager’s #KoolAndTheGangLive and  Black Bell’s #NextLevel #BlackParty at Nkozi University stood out. Both these events had great follow of content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChart. Question is, what do we learn from such events that use social media prior and during the event? What at the best practices for quality social media coverage at event? 

Personally I consider the following steps to be best practices for social media for events. 


Always have a plan, Know your audience, know which platform(s) best engages your audience. This will help you identify the right Influencers that best relate with your audience and brand. Be SMART with your overall goals for the event! 

I was interviewed by a CEO of one of the biggest digital media/ads firm a while ago, he asked me an interesting question. “Imagine you work with a beer company and it holds an event, all is well until the final act is about to perform…your run out of drinks, as the events manager, would you call it a success? “

Please reply to this question in the comments section.

 It’s advisable to build  FOMO using social media prior to the event, it helps to create buzz and content for your audience on what to expect at the event. 

The #Tags:

Probably one of the most important tools to consider before taking an event online is the #tag, a good #tag will even trend 48hours prior/after the event. How does one come up with a good #tag for his/her event? To answer that: Research, KeyWord metrics, Capitalization to separate words, be breif and concise, search about your preffered #tag and see if it has a history, etc.

It’s advisable to use atleast two #tags for better engagement. It’s a current best practice and  most events have  carried on the practice, it’s not a surprise that one of the two #tags is likely to top the trending topics in your geographical reach.


Covering events on social media has one of the best ROIs according to a recent survey by HubSpot Academy, it’s advisable to create a workable budget, present it to your finance before inviting money hungry influencers.

I remember an incident that happened last year, a company failed to pay an Influencer and her team as promised after covering an event, it kind of gave the company a bad image on twitter which isn’t a good practice for someone doing business and looking forward to happy promoters.

It’s customary that Influencers get paid at the end of the event, not days later.

Those are some of the best practices one should employ while covering an event. You can do more read on the topic.
Keep it Social.

Under The Influence!


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