4 Reasons why you need social media coverage on events.

I’m an inbound marketer and social media enthusiast, I have covered a dozen of events online (mostly twitter). Giving an offline event online presence on social media platforms can be useful at all stages of the inbound methodology and I’m here to share with you how and why.

The four stages of inbound are aimed at steering consumers away from being strangers and towards being happy promoters of your brand.

1. Attract:

Smart phones have made it easy to engage audiences on the go, anytime, anywhere. It’s very easy for people to engage a Trending Topic (TT) or #Tag of a live event your company is conducting.

Live social media at events is usually informative. It usually engages companies and organizations about consumer problems and informing the audience on how their problems can be solved/ addressed making it interactive. Live tweets, facebooklive, streaming YouTube could be an opportunity to attract new strangers to your products and services while giving your current customer base more content to share making them brand involuntary ambassadors.

2. Convert

After you’ve attracted a few new strangers to you live #Tag/Trending topic it’s very possible to convert them into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) Nature them towards your products and give them more information they could have missed on the Timeline. Don’t forget to ask for thier contact information. 

3. Close

Your direct message (DM) and Inbox should always be open to the public to allow them ask all sorts of questions they cant ask on the wall or timeline. Having open mails, Call Buttons and DMs are perfect CTAs (Call to Action) that can be perfectly used as mean to Close the customer and get them to purchase your product.

4. Delight

Like I said in the beginning, people get to access information on the go. Imagine closing a client using content from an event? Its very possible if you use the best practices of the inbound methodology. They will be more than willing to share your tweets, repost your instagram pictures share your facebook posts. Live coverage gives your customers content to share to their social media. Remember to celebrate all your customers as Inbound is all about creating happy clients.


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